Growing Practices

Tanglewood Berry Farm is dedicated to using both safe and sustainable farm management practices. Our philosophy is that farming should support and contribute to a healthy world. 

We know people are concerned about food safety and environmental mindfulness—and rightly so! We are too. With this in mind, we use Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs). What does this mean? Well it means we ....

  • regularly test our water for bacteria and chemicals

  • clean and sanitize all equipment used for food production

  • train our employees in first aid, health and hygiene

  • follow all U.S. regulations regarding the safe & sanitary production/handling of fresh produce.

 A corner stone of our philosophy is a solid Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program.  A variety of strategies are used to control plant pests and diseases. We regularly monitor the plants to detect problems early. Insect traps and lures as used as a benign means to kill insect pests. Careful and timely plant prunings lower disease pressure simply because more air and light can get to the plants. Pesticides are used only as necessary to maintain healthy plants.

Our mission at Tanglewood Berry Farm is to provide safe, nutritious berries for our local community AND further the research and development of new techniques and products to make farming better for everyone.

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