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Frequent Questions

Are the picking areas handicap-accessible?

Yes. All of the pick-your-own berry plants are located within 100-200 feet of the parking area. However, there are a few uneven spots on the ground so sturdy shoes are recommended.

Where and when can I pick up the ready-picked fruit I order?

Orders for ready-picked fruit are available for pick up at the farm stand during our normal business hours.

What are your normal business hours?

We are open to the public Tuesday and Saturday 9:00 am - 1:00 pm.

Can I bring my own picking container?

Yes. We encourage you to pick into your own container. We weigh the container before you enter the fields and then subtract out the weight when you pay for your fruit at the farm stand. We do have a limited supply of 1 lb. pick containers that can be purchased at the farm stand.

Do I have to order ready-picked fruit?

No. Ready-picked fruit is available for purchase at the farm stand during normal business hours. However, we often sell out at the farm stand so purchasing fruit via our webstore is best to guarantee your order.

Do you offer discounted bulk fruit for making smoothies, pies, wine, beer and other food items?

Yes. We periodically offer bulk fruit at a lower price. Send us a message or subscribe to our email list to receive promotions and alerts.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash as well as debit and credit cards.

Do you deliver fruit orders?

We will deliver orders of $100 or more that are located within 15 miles of the farm. A delivery fee of $15 will be charged to the order. After placing your order, give us a call at 416-4464 so that we can arrange a delivery day and time.

Are you open during bad weather?

No. We will close if it is raining or the air temperature is over 95F. Berries should not be harvested if they are wet or soft due to heat. We recommend you give us a call at 260-426-6646 prior to coming out if either of these situations are possible.

Do you offer school tours?

Yes. We welcome the opportunity to share how the farm takes care of the berry plants, pollinators and the environment. We have a licensed teacher on staff for those interested in completing a structured lesson plan. Contact us at least 30 days in advance so that we can schedule a time outside of normal business hours.